Communicate U

Communicate U

By Mike Russell

Flagstaff Communicators board members prepare for the luncheon program on May 14, 2015. Star Hunter, Sharon Conte, Mike Russell and Terry Roberts.

Flagstaff Communicators board members prepare for the luncheon program on May 14, 2015. Star Hunter, Sharon Conte, Mike Russell and Terry Roberts.

Leading Leaders

For anyone that knows me they probably have heard me talk about Communicators. For the last three years up until last December I was the President of the organization. This organization is and always has been important to my personal, professional development. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to lead a board of leaders. From 2012-2015 we turned this organization from a group of four sitting around a table discussing the groups uncertain future to a strong regular monthly attendance of 15 to 20 professionals. We met additionally month to month with a board of 10 members and decided how to present the members meetings, who to invite to speak, what we could do better for our members and how we could bring the most relevant information. We did this because we love our town and we wanted to help business professionals and nonprofit entrepreneurs in the fields of marketing, public relations, traditional media and upcoming forms of media. We recognized the challenges businesses in Flagstaff face with staying on top of all the forms of media and had talks on social media and the many platforms a business owner must learn in this new digital age.

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Speaking in Public

I can’t say how much this organization has helped me in organizing my life and preparing me for the many challenges faced as a Graphic Designer in a small town. It’s not a career path that has a lot of options or growth and I have had to be creative in learning other disciplines while maintaining a full-time job and side business. Communicators has enabled me to talk on many of those disciplines and in so doing has given me a voice, and a strong repertoire of clients, colleagues and valued friends.

2015 Holiday Mixer – Board members: Annette Fallaha, Sharon Conte, Stacey Wittig, Frank Moraga, Star Hunter, Mike Russell, Nick Allen. (Not pictured Regina Salas and Terry Roberts)

Moving Forward

I made the decision last year to step down knowing full well that the current board could carry this organization into the future and make it bigger, stronger and a continued resource to our community. I did not step away from the board completely and continue to advise and be of any service necessary to the current board under President Nick Allen. If you have been on the fence about joining or haven’t been to a meeting I highly advise it as this board is committed to a new future while holding on to its traditions and long-standing value in the community.

We are currently coming down to our last meeting and final Holiday mixer of the year. It has been a successful year focused on a steady theme of how to “Communicate U”. We started with Sell your Sizzle with Terry Roberts, Share your story on Video with Tim Fox, Content Writing with Starla Collins and then moved into our most recent feature Meet the PIO with Kirby-Lynn Shedlowski and Shelly Shepherd. We had our traditional favorite Meet the Media series featuring Radio with Eddie Miller of Great Circle Media and Steve Benning of Yavapai Broadcasting and Newspaper with Seth Muller of Flagstaff Publishing and Paul Lancaster from Flagstaff Business News. We finally wrapped up the year with a focus on social media featuring Your Digital Presence with Nick Allen and Your Authentic Presence with myself Mike Russell. That’s a lot of information and a lot of great people discussing what they know best.

Please join us in November 10 at Meet the Board or at the December Mixer to learn how you could be part of this great organization. We want to hear from you and hear your specialty in Communications. Get involved and grow with us. #CommunicateU!

Mike Russell
Social Media/Print Design 2016
President 2013-2015
Program Coordinator 2012-2013
President 2005-2008
Program Coordinator 2004-2005
Member 2002-2003